Online Virtual Training & Online Coaching Sessions

Globally we are living in challenging times

Times when we need to find a way to move forward. No matter what. Staying indoors will not have to stop us from being productive and proactive.

It is a big opportunity to keep on investing in ourselves and to still be focused on our personal development and goals.

As an executive coach and facilitator I am offering my clients online virtual sessions about an effective communication, influencing skills, unconscious bias, challenging conversations/feedback, leadership, team building and more.

I developed new online virtual methodologies to help different teams of people experience from home, the same training sessions as the ones normally experienced at work.

Not just one-to-one online sessions, but also real online workshops. This is my way to face the challenge. If you are interested in knowing more, feel free to get in touch.

20 Minutes free initial online virtual consultation

Online coaching, workshops and training sessions available via the telephone and video, for
one off sessions or on an ongoing basis.

The type of online coaching, online workshops and online training includes; bespoke role-play, personal development, presentation skills, influencing skills, negotiation,
unconscious bias (D&I), courageous conversations, feedback sessions, leadership, and advanced communication techniques..

Tel: +44(0)7925758696