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I have been working as a professional coach, trainer, facilitator and actor in corporate organizations for the past 10 years...

Executive, Business & Corporate Coaching Sessions London & UK

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Simone is an ICF ACC accredited coach (International Coach Federation), trainer and lead actor facilitator. He qualified as a coach at the ICF certified Animas Centre for Coaching in London and he also gained a CPD (Certificate Post Diploma) in Mindfulness Coaching, Relationship Coaching and in Group Coaching and Facilitation.

As an actor and singer he trained over twenty years ago in Rome, Italy. Simone did his BA at the prestigious Conservatorio Teatrale. He then continued his training in London at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.

Simone’s area of expertise includes one-to-one coaching sessions, performance and person-centred coaching, forum theatre, bespoke role play, personal development, presentation skills, influencing skills, negotiation, unconscious bias (D&I), courageous conversations, feedback sessions and advanced communication workshops.

Simone who speaks fluent Italian & English has worked as a lead facilitator, coach and actor in corporate organisations for many years for clients such as: Kraft Food, Visa, Pfizer, Generali Assicurazioni, Astra Zeneca, Merck, Deloitte, PWC, KPMG, Cartier, Louis Vuitton, Liberty Global, Geodis, UBS, TATE and many others. He has been working in the corporate field in UK, in Italy and Worldwide delivering programmes both in English and in Italian. He holds dual citizenship (Italian and British).

As a Singer he believes that our voice comes from a very intimate space in our soul…He will help you “Find your own internal voice”. One of the key points in Simone’s coaching is to open the person to the possibility that he/she can deal with difficult and challenging situations in a more positive and proactive manner including acceptance of oneself, of one’s personality which all together translates into self– confidence. Simone will support and help the client to get the desired outcome and achievements.

Challenges and curiosity are often great opportunities to move forward towards a fearless future.

“There is ‘magic’ inside all of us” – Click here to view Simone explaining his approach to coaching and facilitation.


I believe that my acting background has allowed me to better empathize with human nature.

Portraying different characters on stage has got me to know so many people profiles which constantly keep on coming back, most of the times, in the shape of disruptive behaviour patterns in workplaces.

As a performer, I reckon that acting is an added value to coaching as it develops an understanding of how to embrace and play with differences and difficulties that can be turned into proactive actions and successful strategies.

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Ever since I first met Simone I knew he was the perfect fit for Sladen Consulting. Simone is a pleasure to work with, he is fast-paced, creative, adaptable and solution-oriented. Never mind what client challenge I take to him, he is able to come up with new and creative ways of engaging audiences. He is able to build rapport fast, be it a group of 25 technical scientists, or for a larger gathering, most recently of 500 sales professionals. I would highly recommend Simone.”

Mr Richard Colley Director at Sladen Consulting Ltd

Simone supported us in designing and running a virtual co-creation workshop with 30 participants from 10 countries dialing in from their home offices. Simone listens well to understand the needs of the customer & circumstances to deliver a customized concept. He provided us with meaningful insights what makes virtual meetings a success and prepared us well. He is a sunshine yellow type of guy, motivating, inspiring, a perfect ceremony master to run a complex virtual event. It felt as close to F2F as possible.”

Andrea Hanefeld (Director Head of GHO Innovation network)

Simone has worked with us at Actors in Industry for over 3 years and during that time we have always found him a pleasure to work with. He is very reliable, totally professional and with a wide range of skills and experience this means he has worked across a number of industry sectors with us. Simone always goes the extra mile and the clients love him!”

MS Julia Hardcastle – Head of Operations (Actors in Industry Ltd)

I have worked with Simone for the past ten years on a range of training programmes and workshops in a number of European countries. He has a truly extraordinary ability to engage with groups at all levels and across a range of industries. His observations and feedback are always insightful and pertinent, as well as being delivered in a sensitive and thoughtful manner. He has the happy knack of delivering important, and sometimes difficult, messages to individuals and groups, yet at the same time leaving them with a smile on their face. I could not recommend him highly enough.”

Mr Chris Scoble – Director – Esprima Consulting

Simone is a gifted actor and an excellent activities facilitator. I have worked with him a few times with fantastic attitude and amazing results.I highly recommend him.”

Mr Renato Mosca – Managing Director – Training Luxory

Over the last 12 months Simone and I have worked together delivering innovative one day “conscious inclusion” workshops for Generali across the globe. With colleagues from Steps he brings to life the unconscious biases that we all have in a way that is hugely credible and engaging. In addition, towards the end of the workshop, volunteers identify real, live conversations that they need to have with someone at work. They brief Simone who then plays out the situation with them. His improvisation is always superb, but even more importantly he uses his coaching and facilitation skills – offering sound feedback and asking the right questions – to provoke real learning. Participants can get profound insights – and great ideas for things they can do to create better, more inclusive, relationships and outcomes.” 

Mr Robin Schneider – Director – Schneider Ross Ltd

Simone explained step by step the coaching process. He made it clear the difference between counselling and coaching. I was able to achieve the changes I longed for but I did not know how to make. Simone helped me to develop some exercises to improve my confidence in areas of my life which I had wanted to change. I strongly recommend coaching. It has helped to achieve the changes I wanted but was unsure and unaware of how to do them. Coaching has improved my life, give me back confidence. Also, I feel more satisfied with my life! Simone has great empathy, he is a great listener and has strong analytical skills, he is also very intuitive. I would strongly recommend Simone. The coaching sessions with him have given me the strength and the tools to make changes and have a more fulfilled life.

MS Deborah P. (London-UK)

My Coach Simone was clear and thorough in explaining me the process. I was very satisfied. He guided me to better understand my goals and helped me understand the tools needed to reach goals, without wasting energy but focusing on the final result. I woulddefinitely recommend Simone. He was able to show me how to focus on my goals. He is an extremely good listener and patient.
Welcoming and sympathetic. He made me feel safe opening up. My emotions were safe! With him, I was at ease instantly, no need to bottle up. His tone of voice is very relaxing and the ability to touch my inner self.

Mr Massimo Z.(Rome-Italy)

Simone showed me the way through  mirroring my habits and helping me find a solution by myself. I got my forth promotion in the company where I work and I owe it entirely   to the work  I have done with Simone. I definitely recommend  Simone  to everyone.  He  has a natural strong empathy and he was  able  to make me see solutions where  I did not imagine to find one.

MS Francesca G. (London-UK)

Through our work together Simone really helped me clarify my thoughts and desires and brought to the surface the things that were truly important to me. He did this in   terms of my relationships as well as my business and we made great strides in developing my connection to the authentic side of the business  I’ve set up. In particular we did some great brainstorming around the business name and tagline and as a result I now have a clearer picture of the values I hold most highly. This has given me a strong direction to pursue in terms of the branding of the company and the aspirational aims   and goals. Simone is very clear, calm and patient. He has a welcoming presence that speaks to one’s creative side. Incredibly encouraging and positive, I always looked forward to our sessions. He is also fantastic listener and is deeply engaged in your success. The nurturing environment he created really put me at ease and fostered a lot of new ideas. His acting skills have been tremendous in creating his presence and some of the exercises we used. I would highly recommend Simone.

Mr Matteo T. (London-UK)

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Coaching sessions available face to face for those in and around London (Simone is based in East London) and UK wide on request, via the telephone, video, on an individual or team basis and for one off sessions or on an ongoing basis.


The type of coaching includes; Management Coaching, Life and Transformational coaching. Executive, Corporate and Business coaching, Leadership coaching & Performance coaching.
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